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Rakeback The Everest VIP Cashback program is made up of:
The VIP program (VIP Summit Club)
Our Points for Cash Bonus
plus a $1000 sign up bonus The overall return can be viewed in the table below.
Poker Network Everest Gaming
Sign-Up Bonus Our Players can get a $1,000 sign up bonus, regardless of initial deposit size. Simply sign up to Everest through us and enter the bonus code MOUNTAIN after despoiting - Click here for details
Races, Freerolls & Promotions $7,000 Exclusive Summit Points Race
$3,000 Freeroll
$50 Refer-a-friend bonuses
New VIP Summit Club program
Bonuses deducted? Tournament and SnG Fees Included? Tournament & SnG Fees are included in summit point calculations - Bonuses do not affect your summit points.
Multi-Table Capabilities 8 tables
Payment Method Automatic- All bonuses are run straight after one another and released immediately to your account at a rate of $1 per 14.28 points earned.
Rake Calculation Method Summit Points are based on the Dealt method
Support Details http://www.everestpoker.com/en/support/

Everest Poker VIP Summit Club - How it all works

Everybody starts at the bottom of the mountain! Your VIP Summit Club tier will be set at the beginning of each calendar month and is based on how many Summit Points you earned in the previous month. All tier benefits are guaranteed for one month, except for Death Zone or Summit tier which are guaranteed for three.

For example, you sign up and earn 975 Summit Points this month. For the entire following month you'll be in Base Camp, and receive all Base Camp benefits. The number of points you receive in that month then determines your VIP tier for the following month etc.

We have prepared the chart below which shows you the equivalent rakeback deal you can get from Everest using their fantastic Loyalty program and our Summit Points Race

VIP Tier Summit Points Approximate Rake SP Bonus Rate Monthly SPs-to-Cash Limits Equivalent Rakeback Without RTR Bonuses
Base Camp 300 $38 200% 12,500 SP $50 10%
Camp I 1,000 $125 300% 25,000 SP $100 13%
Camp II 2,500 $313 400% 62,500 SP $250 16%
Camp III 6,000 $750 500% 125,000 SP $500 19%
Camp IV 15,000 $1,875 650% 375,000 SP $1,500 24%
The Death Zone 30,000 $3,750 750% 500,000 SP $2,000 27%
The Summit 50,000 $6,250 900% 1,250,000 SP $5,000 32%

NB The calculations in this table are the strict copyright. The higher rates can only be achieved if the player meets certain point targets each month to trigger our Race payments.

Other Benefits

VIP Tier Period for all Benefits Refer-A-Friend Bonus Freeroll Eligibility Invitation to VIP Special Events
Base Camp 1 Month $50 $1,000 Weekly No
Camp I 1 Month $50 $1,000 Weekly No
Camp II 1 Month $100 $10,000 Monthly No
Camp III 1 Month $100 $10,000 Monthly Yes
Camp IV
1 Month
$5,000 Weekly
The Death Zone 3 Months $200 $25,000 Monthly Yes
The Summit 3 Months $200 $25,000 Monthly Yes

At any time you can convert the summit points you have earned in to cash at a rate of $0.004 per point.
Our calculations are based on an average of 7 Summit points per $1 rake for cash games and 8 points for every $1 of SnG or Tournament fees.
Tournament players will always get towards the higher end of the rakeback bands.

If you refer players to Everest, not only will they be eligible for our rewards program but you will also get up to $200 per person


Sign Up Instructions - Step 1

You must make sure that there are no previous installations of Everest Poker on your computer. To check whether you have a previous installation and to uninstall do the following:


The uninstall wizard will guide you through the process.

Sign Up Instructions - Step 2


If you have been to the Everest Poker website before coming to us or clicked on a link on another affiliates website, a cookie would have been placed in your computer. You must 'delete cookies' to ensure your rakeback account is setup correctly. You should definitely clear the cookies on your browser before going any further just to be sure. This process will NOT affect any of the rakeback deals you have at any other poker rooms

To delete your cookies follow the instructions below:

In Internet Explorer 6 click Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies

In Internet Explorer 7 click Tools > Delete Browsing History > Delete Cookies

Sign Up Instructions - Step 3

Download Everest Poker Software

Poker Software Dowload To download the poker software click on the Everest Poker logo below and you will be taken to the Everest Poker website. Click 'Free Download' (see right) to begin the download. By clicking on the logo, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

Click here to sign up with Everest Poker

click here if you can't see the image above

Sign Up Instructions - Step 4

Create an Account

  1. Poker Software DowloadOnce the software is installed the lobby will launch and the screen to the right will appear. Now click on 'Join Now' (see right) to begin creating your new Everest Poker account.e.
  2. Poker Software DowloadThe 'Create Player Account' registration window will appear. Complete all the relevant details and click Register. When this is submitted your Screen Name and password will be confirmed. Now you can login using your Screen Name and password.
  3. Poker Software DowloadThe 'Login' window will appear. Log in with your details, and the 'Create Real Money Account' window will appear (see right). Fill in your details, and then click 'Complete'.
  4. Poker Software DowloadOnce you have created your account, click on the Cashier button in the Lobby. When this has opened, click the 'Bonus Account' button (see right).
  5. Poker Software DowloadTo complete the signup process, enter 'MOUNTAIN' within 30 days of registering and click 'Add'
Sign Up Instructions - Step 5

Send us your Screen Name

Once you have successfully downloaded and registered your Everest Poker account please let us know your Screen Name at Everest Poker. Note: That is your name at the tables and not the Name you use to log in to Everest Poker:

Everest Poker Screen Name:

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