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I am sending this to you because you play online poker. If you don't already get rakeback on your play you should as you can get up to 100% of your costs back from EuroPokerDream.

How does it work ?

Poker rooms take a 'rake' of about 5% of each pot, but by signing up through a rakeback affiliate you can get between 30-100% of your rake back.

EuroPokerDream get paid commission by the poker site to direct traffic to the poker room and whereas most affiliates keep the cash, EuroPokerDream give most of it back to the players.

Their site is really easy to use, they actually reply to emails and, most importantly, they pay me on time.

I checked them out before I chose them and there are loads of good comments about them being reliable and trustworthy on the forums. I wouldn't be recommending them to you otherwise.

What Next ?

All you need to do is visit their site, choose a poker room and follow the instructions for signing up. And believe me, once you start getting rakeback you will never want to play without it!

They also hold freerolls and rake races totalling over $550k in cash and live tournament packages every month.


I hope you get to visit their site and sign up for rake back, it'll give you more to play with each month. They also run a referral program where they pay commission for recommendations. When you first create an account they ask if anyone has recommended you. I would be grateful if could you give my account number ######## as the person who referred you. It will not cost you anything as they pay the referral fees from their own pocket and DO NOT deduct it from your rakeback. Once you have signed up you can also start to refer friends and earn 4% extra commission in addition to rakeback yourself.

All you need to do now is visit EuroPokerDream.

My account number is ######## if it is not already listed.

Thanks and best wishes.

Please note: Be careful how you promote to new players. We do not tolerate or condone any type of spam activity. This also applies to chat in the online rooms and forums, particularly where it is expressly prohibited. Any complaints received by EuroPokerDream will result in termination of the referral program for the player concerned. Responsible communication will see the money roll in. By joining our referral program you agree to adhere to the anti spam rules outlined above. Please see our Terms & Conditions for details of poker rooms which are not eligible for referral fees

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