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Up $600 sign up bonus at PKR

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Rakeback 30% - Maximum at PKR
Poker Network Independent
Sign-Up Bonus 100% sign up bonus up to a maximum of $800 - Code: RBP100 – Bonus Terms & Conditions
Races, Freerolls & Promotions $10,000 Rake Race
Bonuses deducted? Tournament and SnG Fees Included? Bonuses are deducted from rake.
Your SnG & Tournament Fees are included in rakeback calculations.
Multi-Table Capabilities 4
Payment Method Automatic: PKR makes payment directly in your poker account. Payments are made by the 10th of the following month
Rake Calculation Method Contributed (Weighted). Your Rake = Amount you contribute to the Pot divided by Amount in the Pot, multiplied by Total Rake
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Sign Up Instructions - Step 1

Uninstall Software

In order to track your account for rakeback successfully, there should be no previous installations of PKR Poker on your computer. To check this and to uninstall do the following:


Sign Up Instructions - Step 2


Tracking your account usually relies on cookies to establish a link between the poker site and us, the rakeback affiliate. Deleting any previous cookies is recommended, and absolutely essential if you have been to the PKR Poker website before coming to this page or clicked on a link on another affiliate's website, as a competing cookie would have been placed in your computer. You must delete cookies to ensure your rakeback account is setup correctly.

Note that this process will NOT affect any of the rakeback deals you have at any other poker rooms or affiliates.

To delete your cookies follow the instructions below:

In Internet Explorer 7 click Tools > Delete Browsing History > Delete Cookies

In Mozilla Firefox 3 click Tools > Clear Private Data. Then check the 'Cookies' Box and click 'Clear Private Data Now'.

Sign Up Instructions - Step 3

Download PKR Poker Software

Poker Software DowloadClick on the PKR Poker logo below to go to the PKR Poker website. Click 'Download PKR for Free' (see right) and then 'Download PKR' to begin the download. By clicking on the logo, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

Sign Up for Rakeback at PKR<

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Sign Up Instructions - Step 4

Create an Account

  1. Poker Software DowloadWhile the software is downloading, you can create a new account at PKR Poker by clicking 'YES, I'D LIKE TO REGISTER NOW' (see right).
  2. Poker Software DowloadThe registration window will appear. Fill in your details. After completing registration, deposit at the cashier, get your bonus and start playing and earning PKR Poker rakeback!
Sign Up Instructions - Step 5

Send us your PKR Poker Username

After you have registered, send us your PKR Poker Username using the form below.

Rakeback Calculator

Provides a rough estimate of your rakeback. Poker room fees not taken into account.

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